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The Learning Channel (you know, the other TLC), has a show that airs on Wednesday nights called "Junkyard Wars." Have you seen it? This is how they describe their show on their web site:

"If you locked Tim Allen, Mad Max and Monty Python in a garage, you’d end up with Junkyard Wars — the engineering contest of harebrained schemes, incredible tools, and lots and lots of duct tape. This program pits two teams of tool-toting gearheads against one another to see who can create the biggest, fastest or strongest whatever with parts they scrounge out of a junkyard."

In December, the teams were required to make a street cleaner, a torpedo (I saw parts of that one), a monster truck, and an egg shooter, all out of junk. The egg shooter was a machine that would shoot an ostrich egg as far as possible and bring it back to earth in one piece. What a great idea! I mean, I’ve been looking all around—Walmart, Kmart, Target, and even Big Lots—but I have not had any luck finding a way to launch my ostrich eggs!

The person who lives on another level sees a picture of the workmanship of God in "Junkyard Wars". We once were dead in our transgressions and sins. Junk. As Paul puts it, we were objects of wrath, headed for the incinerator. Then God took hold of us through his son Jesus, and made of us something useful.

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