Sermon Illustrations

Remember false guilt attacks the person and the Holy Spirit attacks the problem.

A young boy was going to spend the evening at a friend¡¦s house. His father asked that he call home once he arrived so that the father could be assured that his son had arrived safely.

As the evening wore on, this father knew that in his son¡¦s excitement, he had probably forgotten to call home after he arrived at his friend¡¦s house. As this father thought about how he should handle the situation, the Holy Spirit seemed to inspire him to be redemptive with his son. Instead of calling to make the boy come home, this father decided to handle this situation in a more constructive way. He knew the son¡¦s heart.

The dad decided to call the house where his son was to be. He let the phone ring just once, and he hung up. You know what happened. The sound of the ringing phone reminded this boy that he needed to call home. In...

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