Sermon Illustrations

The way we value our stuff can get out-of-whack. One day in San Antonio the temperature had risen to 99 degrees. Fred Arriola, a wrecker driver stopped his truck in the street because he saw two women hysterically running around a car and a neighbor trying to unlock it with a hanger. Inside was a 10-month-old girl, who’d been accidentally locked in the car by her aunt. Mr. Arriola saw that the baby was turning purple and had foam at her mouth. He knew it was a life-or-death situation, so he grabbed a hammer from his truck and smashed a window. You’d expect the baby’s mother and aunt were grateful. You’d be wrong. Fred talked about it later, “The lady was mad at me because I broke her window. I just thought, ‘what’s more important – the baby or the window?’”

You and I react to that story with some disgust, maybe anger. Why would anyone endanger that precious, irreplaceable life to save piece of glass?

But are we so different? People are dying around us while we focus on saving...

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