Sermon Illustrations

All of us face distractions so there are lessons here for all of us. The songwriter says though I’m tossed about with many a conflict and many a doubt, fightings within and fears without, O Lamb of God I come to you. So what’s the answer? Come to Jesus. Feel fear? Come to Jesus. Feel distracted? Come to Jesus. Don’t have peace? Come to Jesus.

In her book, a practical guide to prayer, Dorothy Haskins tells about a noted concert violinist. The violinist was asked what the secret was to her success. This is what she said. There are many things that used to demand my time. When I went to my room after breakfast, I made my bed, straightened the room, dusted and did whatever was necessary. When I finished my work, I then turned to my violin practice. That system prevented me from accomplishing what I should do on the violin. So I reversed things. I deliberately planned to neglect evrything else until my practice period was complete. And that program of planned neglect is the secret to my success.