Sermon Illustrations

The movie "Drumline" explores the maturation process of a talented percussionist from Harlem who receives a full-ride scholarship to play in Atlanta A&T University’s marching band.

As the scene opens the incoming band members are on the football field. The Atlanta A&T marching band is going through drills and orienting the incoming freshman. Dr. Lee’s section leaders are huddled in various sections of the football field divided according to instruments. Each leader articulates with a sense of pride the uniqueness of their instrument and their indispensability.

a. The trumpet section leader states with brassy confidence, "Trumpets are the voice of the band. We are the melody. We are the clarity."

b. The tuba section leader similarly boasts of his instrument: "Tubas are the most important section in the band, boy. Tubas are the boom."

c. As the camera pans the field we hear the saxophone leader rallying his troops: "Saxophones are the truth, the funk and the hook."

d. The percussionists circle their section leader, clapping rhythmically. Their leader says, "We are the heart and the soul. Without the percussionists, the band doesn’t move, doesn’t come alive." While the clapping continues, he puts his fingers on the neck of one of his frosh drummers. As he feels the throbbing artery, he adds, "We are the pulse. Without a pulse, you’re dead."

Each member & each section understands their importance.