6-Week Series: Against All Odds

Sermon Illustrations

MARY MASON wrote a poem called: “It’s Coronation Day”.

“The house (he/she) lived in seems so still;

The eyes no longer see;

The lips, half smiling, do not speak.

Is this finality?

Our hearts shout, “No! It’s not the end!

Her life has just begun!”

TODAY is Coronation Day:

For her, the victory’s won!

Already she has kissed her Lord

And loved ones gathered there;

She’d not return here if she could.

Swap heaven for despair?

Of course, we’ll miss her. Tears may fall,

But they’ll not be of grief.

We sorrow not as those who have

No hope; we have BELIEF!

The tomb is empty! Birds still sing!

Because Christ died, man lives.

Death does not mean finality;

The grave its triumph gives!

Her feet have touched a gloried shore;

Old things have passed away;

She’ll never taste of pain again—

It’s Coronation Day!”