Sermon Illustrations

Anybody who is walking with the Spirit can’t help but to talk about Jesus. What is the Holy Spirit? The witness of Jesus. And Jesus says, “You will be My witness also…” If you can go a month, 2 months, and Jesus’ name doesn’t come up in the workplace, He doesn’t come up in School teenagers, He doesn’t come up in your activities (His name comes up in church), but His name doesn’t come from your lips in your community—what that means is that you and the Spirit aren’t on the same wavelength. The Bible says that if the Spirit is doing His job, and you’re doing your job, you will be witnesses ALSO.

Anybody not talking about Jesus has a spiritual problem. Because that is what the Holy Spirit does—glorifies Jesus. The Holy Spirit goes nuts about Jesus. He sees people and says, “Okay. Start talking. Let’s go. I’m ready. All I need is a mouth—open it.” The Spirit of God goes nuts talking about Jesus—to represent the claims of Christ; the Spirit of God doesn’t back down. Why? Because that is what the Spirit does. And that’s when they’re going to start not liking you. They’re not going to start not liking you because you go to church. They go to church. They’re not going to give you a rough time because they have a little religion—they have that. The problem comes when you start this ‘glorifying Jesus’ stuff. That is what they don’t want.