Sermon Illustrations

We have an extra bedroom in our house where guests can stay. Often times I have to tell my boys when there is a guest I the house, “Don’t go back there; there is someone back there. Don’t make so much noise, because we have a guest sleeping.” We try to make it easy for the guest to be at home.

Church, there is a guest in your house. His name is the Holy Spirit. Can He be at home? Don’t make Him live in a dirty room; make the Holy Spirit at home. Just like you tell you’re kids, “There is a guest in the house,” God is saying, “There is a guest in your house.”

The question is very simple: Is there Holy Spirit is as excited about what you’re doing as you are? Because you’re making Him do it, too. If the Holy Spirit is not as excited as you are, then you shouldn’t be doing it. Because what God wants is to be at home in your heart. He wants to be at home in your life.