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• Practice openness and accountability.

This is the one thing we desperately need the most, and the one thing we most resist. We need support. Some things in life are just too hard to do on your own. We need people to come along side of us and encourage us. Whether you are dieting, or exercising, or trying to change a bad habit in your life—we all need people in our lives to support us, encourage us, and to ask us some hard questions about whether we are really following

through on our commitment to change. This is going to be hard when it comes to our finances.

• 82% of us have never discussed our income with another soul.

• 89% of us have never discussed our family budget with another person.

• 92% have never discussed what we have given to the church.

Get this: The people who are least likely in this country to talk about their personal financial matters are Christians.

People who rarely go to church—1 out of 4 of them admit that they have talked to their friends about how much money they make. Do you know how many Christians have done that? 1 out of...

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