Sermon Illustrations

Let me end by telling you a true story. Sam Houston was a Texas and an American hero. Originally he was a native of Virginia. He became a congressman and a governor of the state of Tennessee. He eventually moved to Texas where he joined the fight for independence and became commander of the Texas army.

When Texas became a republic back in 1836, Sam Houston was elected it’s first president. Texas is the only state in the union that is allowed to fly it’s state flag at the same level as the U.S. American flag. The reason is that Texas was a republic before it ever became s state.

When Texas joined the Union in 1836, Houston became Texas’ first Senator. In 1959, he was elected Governor. He was a very tough man. But you know what his nickname was? The Big Drunk. That’s what people called him. But Sam Houston married a devout Christian woman who prayed constantly for Sam that he would come to know Jesus. One day He did. When he came to Christ, he came to Him lock, stock, and barrel.

It happened that Dr. Rufus Burleson, pastor of a small church in Independence, Texas was preaching on the text, “Better he who rules his own spirit than one who rules a city.” Houston had taken many cities, but he had no rule whatsoever over his own spirit. And he came under the conviction of God and walked up front of the church during the invitation. He extended his hand to Dr. Burleson and said, “I give you my hand, but with it, I give my heart to Jesus Christ.”

Houston was then baptized on November 19th, 1854 in Brushy Creek. Dr. Burleson, right before he was to be baptized, noticed that he had a watch and chain on his vest. He said, “Mr. Houston, you probably want to take that off before your baptized, because it will get ruined.” So he takes it off and hands it to a friend. Then Dr. Burleson adds, “You may want to take your wallet out, too, and hand it to your friend.” Sam Houston replied, “No, my wallet needs baptizing, too.”