Sermon Illustrations

Years ago this worker would stroll into the department I was working in, make several observations about how we were doing our jobs and then proceed to tell us what we needed to do to be better at our jobs. Later she would visit and be taken back that none of her “suggestions” were implemented. Over the months she became more insistent and more demanding, growing more frustrated, growing more angry each time she came by. Why wouldn’t we listen to her?! The fact that she wasn’t our boss, the fact that she didn’t have any authority over us, the fact that she worked in the sock department and not housewares….never seemed to occurr to her. This woman could not manipulate us, she could not control us, she could not make her will happen, and this infuriated her.

Have you had people like this is your life? – They give you direction – “This is what you need to do”, they give you a task, “Here, do this and things will be better”, they make demands, “You must make this happen”, they may even...

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