Sermon Illustrations

A frog is a cold-blooded animal. That means that he can adjust his body temperature to the temperature of this environment around him. Please kids, do not try this at home.

But you can take a frog and theoretically put him in a pot of room-temperature water and he will adjust his body temperature to that. And then, you can incrementally degree by degree, turn the heat up, allowing time in between for him to adjust, to the point where you boil that frog.

How does that play out in the life of a believer? Remember when you first came to Christ? When you first fell in love with him? How exhilarating it was? There was nothing you wouldn’t do for Christ, no matter how difficult or inconvenient. You were into prayer. Into the Word. Into the Worship. Ordering everything in your life around this new found love. This supreme love.

And then, you don’t know exactly when or where or how; but, you began to grow up and you began to become more "respectable" in your faith. Maybe you became a church leader. And maybe it was because of your great giftedness and leadership abilities; or maybe it was...

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