Sermon Illustrations

There is a neat feature on Windows XP…it’s called “System restore”. Here’s how it works…

Suppose you suffer a system crash on Thursday, you downloaded a bad program or something…You’re not a computer expert and you aren’t sure how to recover the last 2 weeks of financial information you had saved on your computer on Wednesday, or how to get back your daughter’s history paper she did on Monday, and you lost your favorite computer game.

All you have to do is select, “System restore” and specify the date to which you want your machine reset.

Voila! Problem solved! All the things you somehow messed up are now put back the way they should have been.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to market that for human lives?

Joe could system restore to the day before he had the affair.

Sue could go back to the day before she and her daughter had the big fight.


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