Sermon Illustrations

If you are a marathon runner you are encouraged to eat pasta the night before the race because pasta has lots of energy in and the speed of release of energy from Pasta is slow so that you get it during the race just when you need it. It’s actually a bit more complicated than that though. The pasta has to be “al-dente” (slightly undercooked and firm) it’s the fact that the pasta is hard that slows the release of energy and sustains you for longer. Overcooked pasta is Higher Gi – al-dente pasta is lower Gi.

Back to bread – Low Gi bread – that sustains you for longer is full of hard bits in. Seedy breads and Granary type bread. White bread will give you sustenance sooner but will fade faster but bread with hard bits in take longer to digest but keep you satisfied longer.

And so it is with the word of God as found in the bible. This sustains us forever!

In the bible there are some parts that are like white bread with the crusts cut off –