Sermon Illustrations

A young boy was leaving for Iraq and on his last night at home he went out with his friends. Arriving home about 11:30 he made his regular stop at the refrigerator. The mother and father were in bed upstairs, and as always did not feel right until they heard him come in. The mother said to the father, why don’t you go down and talk to him about spiritual matters. We have always had him in church and he has been a good boy, but I want to be sure he is right with the Lord before he goes. The father went down and in only a few minutes came back to bed. Did you talk to him, the mother asked. The father said; I didn’t have to. When I got to the foot of the stairs I heard him praying at the kitchen table, “Dear God, thank you for my wonderful parents, who taught me right from wrong, and taught me to live for you and trust you. I pray Lord that if I don’t come back from this war that you will give them the peace of knowing that I am with you, and I died doing what I believe is right.” The father said, “I didn’t need to ask him a thing. He is everything we want him to be.”