Sermon Illustrations

A small child, not even old enough for school, went into one of those mirrored mazes at an amusement park. When her father discovered that she had slipped away he saw her trying to find her way out and beginning to cry in fear. She became increasingly con. fused by all the paths, until she heard her daddy call out, "Don’t cry, honey. Put your hands out and reach all around. You’ll find the door. Just fol. low my voice." As he spoke the little girl became calm and soon found her way out and ran to the security of her father’s outstretched arms.

God’s voice is calling us from the confusion of the maze of life. He is waiting for us to reach hos out stretched arms. god is calling us through Jesus to him. We are hearing as God calls to us through his yearning, wooing, longing, pleading heart.

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