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William Tanner, former president of the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, tells the story from his boyhood in a small town in Texas. There, he would sneak off every week to see a display which an insurance salesman would put in his store window. This was during World War II and the salesman would put a different display about the war effort in his window each week. He himself had four sons in the war (all of whom returned safely). Once Tanner rounded the corner of the building and was greeted with the shocking sight of a picture which had been blown up to a size of about three feet by three feet. It was a picture of a soldier lying face down with his hel¬met blown off of his head, his arm outstretched, seemingly reaching for the weapon which laid just beyond his grasp. But the caption caught even more attention: "What have you done for your country today that a soldier should die for you tomorrow?" That’s a question we should still be asking.

As you draw near the cross, let it be a place of resolve for you to remain faithful to live for the One who died for you

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