Sermon Illustrations

There was a little boy that sat at his grandmother’s feet while she was doing some needlepoint. Stitch by stitch, grandma pushed the needle down through the cloth and back up again. The little boy sat there and looked up in amazement trying to figure out what grandma was doing. “What is it grandma?” he said.

“You’ll see soon enough.” Grandma replied.

“But I wanna see what it is now” the little boy persisted.

“It’s not done yet.” Grandma said.

“It looks like a mess from where I’m sittin’.” The boy said in a huff.

Grandma just kept stitching.

“That’s an ugly picture, grandma It’s just a bunch of dark threads and messy knots. Nobody would want that hanging in their house”

Eventually grandma finished her stitching. She looked down at her grandson and said, “When something beautiful is being made, sometimes the work doesn’t look very pretty. There are dark threads and light colored threads, but each one has a place in the overall picture. When you look at it from your side, it may not look very pretty, but when you get to look at it from the other side you see how it was crafted into something beautiful.” With that grandma turned the needlepoint over for her grandson to see the finished product.

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