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During the Revolutionary War an American officer felt led of the Holy Spirit to show love to an enemy who he felt should die. During a very dangerous assignment Duncan McColl, a British Soldier was protected from being shot and killed when an American officer gave an order “Do not to shoot Duncan McColl. The American officer told his men that God had work for Duncan to do.

After the Revolutionary War Duncan became a minister of the Gospel. He was led of the Lord to oversee a congregation on the Canadian side of the St. Croix River. The congregation was made up of Christians from both Canada and Maine. They exercised their Spiritual gifts sacrificially, meeting each other’s needs and when the War of 1812 broke out, Pastor McColl told his congregation to keep ministering to each other as though nothing was going on. It is said that even today the people on each side of the river go out of their way to minister to each other. There is a sweet fellowship between the sister towns of St. Stephen and Calais. Though separated by a national border, the Americans still cross to congregate in Christian fellowship. They share an expression of love that causes all who will take time to see that the Lord is doing a work among them.

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