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When Christians grasp this truth they sacrificially do what God has called them to do. Everyone has a different call upon their lives, but all callings must be accomplished through a certain amount of sacrifice.

One person who grasped his call was Lough Fook, a Chinese Christian who was given a Holy Spirit compassion for the coolies in the South African mines. He felt led of the Lord to sell himself into slavery for five years for the opportunity to take the Gospel of Christ to the Chinese slaves working in the mines. He worked hard, suffering as a slave and he preached and shared Christ to those who worked with him. Before his five years were up Lough Fook died, but not before he saw 200 slave miners receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

Lough was connected with God through Christ and God’s love was lived through Lough as he met the need of the Chinese slaves in South Africa. He saw the need of the slaves and he willfully sold himself into slavery, giving up his freedom so the slaves in the South African mines could hear the Gospel of Christ.

It must be noted that not every Christian is called to make the type or depth of sacrifice that Lough did, however, all Christians will sacrifice something so others may hear the message of Christ because the love of God is flowing through them by the Holy Spirit of Christ. This sacrifice may come through financial giving, fasting and prayer or through all sorts of ways set forth by God.

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