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In high school, a boy named Tony, came to be one of my best friends. After high school, Tina and I married and bought a home in Myrtle. My friend also married a pretty, young girl and bought the house next door. By this time, Tina and I had been saved and were trying to live for the Lord. But our neighbors didn’t have time for God. They were caught up in a lifestyle of pleasure apart from God. It took its toll on them. They divorced. This young mother gave herself completely to a lifestyle of sin.

A few years later Tina saw the woman again. She came home and told me, "You wouldn’t recognize her now." Her youthful beauty had been stolen by her spiritual insanity. Her face, haggard and worn, gave testimony to the fact that sin, although it brings pleasure for a season, always take you further than you want to go and keeps you longer than you want to stay.

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