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C. Over the centuries people have come up with a lot of different ideas about Christian stewardship and giving.

1. There’s a story told about a couple of guys who were discussing their approaches to giving.

a. One man said, “Here’s how I decide how much to give. I cash my paycheck in small bills, then I go home a draw circle on the floor. I throw the money into the air and whatever falls into the circle is God’s.”

b. The other guy said, “I think my way is even better. On payday, I cash my check in small bills. When I get home, I toss the money in the air, and whatever God catches he can keep.”


A. Let me end with an inspiring story of what God can do through someone who is humble and faithful in giving.

B. Miss Oseola McCarty was born March 7, 1908, and she died September 26, 1999. (91 years old)

1. She dropped out of school at 12 to take care of her sick aunt.

2. She never went back to school but began a lifelong career of washing and ironing clothes — preferring a washboard to modern washing machines.

3. She retired at age 86.

4. She tithed to her church in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, paid her bills, and made monthly payments on her insurance and burial plot.

5. Everything left over went into the bank.

6. "The Lord portioned out the good things in life to me just fine," she...

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