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The story is told of a minister of a church in a small community, retiring after 40 years of service to

the church and that community.

1) It was a big day, grand celebration, as an expression of gratitude for all he had done.

A young man from the community who had made it big in the theater came home to add to the celebration.

A part of the program that day called for the actor to recite the 23rd Psalm, as a tribute to this respected shepherd of the community.

The young man, in a performance fit for Broadway, gave a flawless dramatic recitation of that great passage of scripture.

The audience cheered, and clapped and called for an encore.

He declined, saying it was time to hear from the guest of honor.

Just then, the aged veteran of the faith stepped to the podium, made a few remarks and then leaning heavily on his cane in a shaky voice he began, “The Lord is my Shepherd – I shall not want ...”

When he finished, there was a hush over the crowd, heads were bowed as if in prayer.

Some in the audience however, did not understand.

“Why the difference?” they asked.

Then the young man stepped to the podium once again and said, “Let me explain. For me you clapped and

cheered and called for an encore.

But when Pastor Smith was done your were reverently quiet.”

What’s the difference you ask? It’s really rather simple. I know the Psalm, but he knows the shepherd.”

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