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In January 2001 Nairobi police raided the home of a former university lecturer and his wife to find their six children emaciated and starving. The kids were ages 2-11 and could not stand up they were in such a bad state. Their legs were stick thin, their hair was falling out and they were all infected with disease. And why were they like this? The ex university professor claimed that he was doing it on God’s orders, that at Christmas time God had ordered him to fast until further orders. They did so, drinking only water, despite the desperate decline of the children.

Many people have done wicked things claiming it as the will of God. The will of God will always be in line with God’s Word. Nothing is the will of God that violates a Scriptural command or principle. Sometimes the Devil impresses his will on people and they see it as the will of God, but we can be sure that the will of God is consistent with the character of God as revealed in His Word.

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