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I’m re-reading a great book entitle, A Man Called Peter, about Peter Marshall, who served as the Chaplain of the US Senate in the 1940’s.

He was a Scottish immigrant who came to America convinced that he was to train for the ministry here.

He came without much money, and for the next few years worked like a dog for just enough money to get by.

Yet he was convinced that Jesus’ agenda was for him to become a minister. And so, even though it took years, he submitted himself to going about it the only way he could – working and waiting patiently until something came his way that would allow him to go to school.

I wonder how many times he prayed, “Lord, can’t we hurry this up a bit? I’m not getting any younger”

At last his church came through and paid his way, and he went on to influence countless people, both as a pastor and as the Chaplain of the Senate.

But it never would have happened if he had tried to move on his own, putting his own agenda before Jesus’.

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