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In a recent Peanuts cartoon, Lucy approaches Charlie Brown with a paper and pen and says, “Here, sign this. It absolves me from all blame”. Then she goes to Shroeder with the same paper and says, “Here, sign this. It absolves me from all blame”. Finally she comes to Linus: “Here, sign this. It absolves me from all blame”. As she walks away Linus says, “Gee, that must be a nice document to have”.

Fess up to the wife or lie to the cops?

Jorge (whore-hey) Alberto Mejia allegedly chose to lie to the cops, the Marin Independent Journal reports.

It seems that Saturday Mejia was driving his wife’s brand new Ford Focus to a casino in Geyserville, Calif., when he ran it into a wall.

At first, Mejia told police he had been kidnapped by two gun-toting thugs and had deliberately crashed the Focus in a successful effort to get free.

Monday, his story started to fall apart, the IJ says: "As investigators questioned Mejia on the details of his account, he admitted he made up the tale, police said." He was worried about how his wife would react to the news, San Rafael police spokeswoman Margo Rohrbacher told the newspaper. Mejia, 35, now may face criminal charges. (2/13/07)

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