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A teen boy was trying to sneak his date back into her home very late at night. He stood at the door as she headed up the stairs, but she was met at the top by her angry father. He told her to go to her room, then walked down to the young man. “Did I hear the clock strike four just a few moments ago?” The boy replied cleverly, “yes sir, but it was going to strike eleven, so I grabbed the gong and held it so as not to disturb you” The dad chuckled and said, “son, that’s good…why didn’t I think of that in my day?”

We start when we’re young…like the boy who said his dog ate his homework. The teacher didn’t believe him. “No, really teacher, I had to force him to, but he ate it”

Unfortunately, many times as adults we continue what we started as a child, and we think we’re getting better at giving excuses. But the person who is good at excuses is usually not good at anything else

We’re all in manufacturing: Some make good, some make trouble, and some make excuses.

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