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There was a lady named Danni Stampley from Luann’s home church who had been trained as a Baptist missionary. She felt the call to be a missionary the very night she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior; she was a teenager at the time. After high school and college, she spent several years in a Baptist Seminary, training to be a missionary and she was certain of the fact that God wanted her to go to Africa. However, while at seminary, she met a young man and they fell in love and became engaged. He gave her a lovely engagement ring to signify their relationship, as well as his intent. However, this engagement was to be her greatest temptation. You see, she had known for years that she was to go to Africa; God had called her to go specifically to Africa. But, her fiancée was being called to another country. For a time, she prayed about it and asked God for guidance. She loved this man, she wanted to spend her life with him, raise a family, and most of all, serve God with him. She kept thinking that certainly, God would understand and surely, she could serve Him in another country just as well as she could in Africa. Her fiancée prayed about it as well because he in turn, wanted to be with her for the rest of his life. But, in their hearts, they knew what God had told them to do. God had been very specific in his calling for her and for her fiancée, and they could not turn away from what God wanted them to do. So, at the airport, right before her plane left for Africa, she slipped that engagement ring off her finger and handed it back to him. She stepped on to that plane, and she never saw him again.

Miss Danni Stamply never did marry; she spent over thirty years as a missionary in Africa. Danni submitted her life to serving God. She put her whole faith and trust in Him. She let God lead her life in what He thought was best for her. Looking back on it, Danny knows that she did the right thing by going to Africa because God has blessed her life so richly. She told Luann that she has been blessed more than she could have ever imagined. This was because she put her own desires and fears aside and did the Lord’s will for her life. She stated that if she had not gotten on that plane, she would have missed out on so many wonderful, life-changing events and all those people, whom she helped bring to Christ, might have never been found. God was right

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