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I am greatly diappointed in the preachers of today,

With their logic and their ethics, their aristocratic way;

With their science and their theories and their new theology,

Full of everything but Jesus and His love for you and me.

There is plenty in the Bible for preachers of today

If they will but search it pages and for help Divine would pray;

For God’s word is everlasting, it never will grow old,

‘Tis indeed a priceless treasure far more precious than pure gold.

If the Preachers in our Church would preach Jesus crucified,

How through love for us he suffered and through love for us he died,

Then our lives would not be empty as so many are today,

But be filled to overflowing in the good Old Fashioned way

What we need is just plain gospel, just good old fashioned Preaching,

Not Emerson and Shakespeare, or this modern, liberal teaching.

What care we for all their saying, or teaching true and tried?

I want the the dear old story of my Saviour cricified

What we need is consecration in a good true man of God,

With a Bible education, and a love for God’s dear Word;

Who can lead us and direct us to the truth, the Life the Way,

Who brings peace to the soul and body through the burdens of each day/

This alone can save the sinner, this alone can set men free,

Just the precious dear old story of God’s love for you and me;

That is what the people’s needing, that is what they need to see,

The preaching of Bible stories that they heard at mother’s knee

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