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In England in 1649, Charles I was executed, and Lord John Culpepper was entrusted to protect Charles II. Forced into exile during twelve years of Oliver Cromwell’s reforms and bloodhsed. FInally, just before Culpepper’s own death Charles II was to return to reign over the Monarcy. When it was announced, a cry rose from the people "Habemus rei" "we have a King" ..."This simple phrase sprung from the heart of the common was carried...on the wings of a joyous melody from village to village, and manor to manor...and on May 25th, 1660 when Charles II landed at Dover and was escorted to was England’s supreme day of joy." (1)

1) NIB, Vol IX, pp. 365-371

III. "Habemus rei" "We have a King?" The Lord Jesus Christ is King And if you won’t give your witness, if you silence your witness then will the stones have to shout for you? Will the clip, clop of of the...

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