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My dad used to tell a story about a guy who went into the ministry, but his preaching wasn’t very good and his ministry wasn’t very successful. He finally was called on the carpet to examine the "fruits of his ministry" (as John Wesley would have called it). They pastoral review committee inquired of the man, "Tell us about how you were called". The man began to tell how one day out on his farm, the weather was nice, but everyone knew that a rain was coming, when all of a sudden he heard a voice booming from within "Go PC". He inquired of the Lord, "What do you mean?", but again all the farmer heard from within was "Go PC". And so, explained the man, "I packed up and left my farm and began to "PC" - to "Preach Christ". The review committee study his sermons; examined his ministry and gave him the following report: "Young man we agree with you, that on that day on...

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