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"There is a story of a man who heard that a huge box of gold had long ago been buried in the woods near his house. He got a shovel and went into the woods and began to dig everywhere. As he dug, he would run across these rough stones of reddish hue and angrily,

he tossed them into a nearby well where they sank out of sight. As he dug deeper and deeper, he found more of the stones and threw them into the well--hundreds of them. One day a jeweler friend of his stopped to watch, and listened as the man spoke in frustration at

not finding the gold. "All I’ve managed to find are these worthless red rocks," said the man. The jeweler friend, upon examining one of the rocks, said, "These are not worthless. These are rubies, and polished, they are some of the most priceless stones in the


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