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Once a man attended a fair and saw another man leading a fine, well-groomed horse. He inquired, "Is that a saddle horse?" The man replied, "No, sir. This horse will buck off a saddle. Nothing can stay on his back."

So the man asked again, "Is he a driving horse?" The answer came back from the attendant, "No, he was hitched up to a vehicle and made kindling wood of the thing he should have pulled."

So the man was puzzled and asked, "Well then, what is he good for? Why is he here?" The answer was, "Style, man, style Just look at the picture he makes."

Once I was in a church building and saw people clad in fine clothes coming into the morning service. I asked the preacher, "Are those people workers in the church?" The pastor answered sadly, "No"

I asked further, "Do they visit the sick and minister to the poor? Do they support the other services and ministries of the church?" The preacher said, "Never."

I said to myself, "There’s that horse. Nothing but style." How sad it is that too many Christians merely look good. Beyond that, they’re worthless.

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