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Have you ever watched the Rudy Rudiegar story. I cry every time I see the movie. A story of a young man, really pretty small in stature who dreamed of attending Notre Dame. Really he not only dreamed of attending there, but dreamed of playing football. Dreamed of making his father proud. He went to Junior College and pushed himself so he could be admitted to Notre Dame. Pushed past rejection letters until finally he was accepted, but had lost some of his eligability time. He tried out for the football team, but was only used on a practice team. At one point the coach says "I wish all my players had a heart as big as Rudy Rudiegar". Every week of practice for two years he made himself a tackling and blocking dummy so that the players of the fighting Irish could go on the field and win. His dream though was still to make his father proud. Not only would he be the first in his family graduate college, but he would have played for Notre Dame.

It came down to the final game of the season, and the new coach was not going to let Rudy play, when starting players one by one walked in to the coahes office and laid their jersey’s on his desk, saying "Rudy can have my number coach". The coach let Rudy dress, sacrificing one of his sixty roster players. Then it game down to the closing minutes, but Rudy was not going to get to play. The fighting Irish were told to kill the play and run off the clock, but they scored a touchdown instead? Why? So Rudy could go in for the defense. For several minutes the jammed packed arena had shouted "Rudy, Rudy, Rudy" The Coach relents and put him in with seconds to go; the movie even shows Rudy making the final tackle of the game, and these giant size starters run on the field and carry Rudy off on their...

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