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Illustration- Servant’s Heart

A minister shared how in his church they were in desperate need of a person to teach a junior high boys class.

• Those willing to do it came down to a list with one name on it.

• When the minister heard the name he said, ‘You have got to be kidding’.

He says now that he could not have been more wrong about that young man.

• He took the class and accomplished amazing things.

• The minister was so impressed that he invited the young man to his house for lunch and asked him the secret of his success.

The young man pulled out a little black book.

On each page he had a picture of one of the boys and under the name were comments like,

• “Having trouble in math,” or

• “Comes to church alone” or

• “Would like to be a missionary some day.”

And then the unlikely candidate said to the minister,

“I pray over those pages every day and I can hardly wait to come to church to see what God has been doing in their lives.”

Question- How many of you would be willing to do that?

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