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The story is told of Mother Tereasa entering a home for the gravely ill and dying. At one bedside was a young nun who was cleaning a gaping wound in the neck of a woman being devoured by maggots. The exposed flesh was covered with the squirming creatures, and the nun was removing them one by one, with a pair of tweezer’s held at arm’s length. "No, sister, you haven’t the idea", said Tereasa sternly, moving into her place. Using a scalpel, she began to cleanse the wound with expert strokes, her face close to the mass. As she cut into it, the stench increased, but she did not pull back. Finally, she turned to the younger nun. "You must understand", she said, "this is Jesus. We are cleansing the wounds of our Lord." Yes, Mother." replied the repentant nun, taking the scalpel...

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