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Robert Bruce was king of Scotland during the 12th and 13th Century. He had been at war with the King of England. The King of England sent an army to Robert Bruce’s palace to kill him. Robert Bruce, having suspected what might happen, left his home and fled into the forest. When the army came to the palace and found that their enemy was not there, they got Robert Bruce’s own dogs and set them on his trail. Robert Bruce could hear the barking dogs and realized they were his own hounds. He ran and ran. As he did he grew weaker and weaker. The dogs were getting closer. Finally, he came to a crystal clear river in the middle of the forest. He got into the brook and waded down stream for about two miles. After which he climbed out on the bank of the river and sat under a clump of trees. He could hear the dogs barking up stream in confusion, and Robert Bruce realized he had escaped.


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