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A monument is a stone or a building that is set up to remember a person or an event. On July 3, 1775, he took on what was thought to be an impossible task. He became the commander of an army of rag-tag volunteers that were so determined to throw off the British yoke, that they were willing to war against the mightiest empire of the 1700s. - He is remembered by the tallest structure in Washington D.C. - The Washington Monument - We think of General Washington, on a frigid Christmas night in 1776, along with 2,400 men and 18 cannons, rowing across the freezing Delaware River. The daring offensive took the Hessian mercenaries serving with the British completely by surprise. A British loyalist tried to alert the Hessians, but their drunken commander refused to interrupt a card game to receive the message. More than one hundred Hessians were killed or wounded, and nearly one thousand taken prisoner. Not a single American life was lost. Monuments are built to remember significant events and people.

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