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Lenin claimed that if Communism was implemented there would be bread in every household. Coming from a former communist country we saw that the answer to our problems could not be the Communism. Some of us have witnessed the despair in people’s lives. Communism did never tell us how it would solve our problems. In fact, as people grew weaker and hungrier; the dictatorship grew stronger and fatter.

b. Buddha taught enlightenment, yet he died seeking more light. We seek education, as a means to solve our problems. But has it solve our problems? Evidently not I recently heard someone who is finishing his Ph.D. asking: So what now? There seems to be meaninglessness and un-fulfillment in this person.

c. Sigmund Freud believed that psychotherapy would heal emotional and spiritual pains. On January 2000, the head of American Association of Psychologists and Psychotherapist made a shocking statement: “For 100 years we have tried to figure out what is wrong in people, while at the same time we have failed to show them how to deal with their problems.”

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