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Here’s a great example. I remember reading a letter to Ann Landers by a lady named Rosie. She wrote, “A young couple in Missouri got married in 1937. ‘Mike’ worked the third shift for the railroad. He’d come home about 7 a.m. and do odd jobs around the house: fix the old car, do everything but go to bed. Finally, about 4 p.m. he’d crawl into the sack, and then it took an atomic bomb to wake him up so he could go to work. I would plead with him, ‘Honey, give me your feet and I’ll put your socks on for you.’

“By now it was 1947 and four children later. I never told anyone that I put Mike’s socks on, because they might think I was a nut.

“This went on for 46 years. In 1983 Mike died. I tried to figure how many times I’d put on Mike’s socks. The number came to about 15,000.

“I’ll soon be 75 years old. Mike has been dead 10 years. I would give anything if I could put on his socks just one more time.”

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