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THE FLAG AND THE CROSS - Several times during my ministry I shared in military funerals. Finally a very significant lesson dawned. I’ve seen military funerals on the news, and have participated in six or seven across the years. And not once have I seen the American flag go down with the deceased.

At every instance the flag was removed at the end of the service, and neatly folded and handed to the survivors. It’s true. A nation cannot die for someone; it is powerless to do so; indeed it must not die.

A nation survives, and the removal of the flag from the casket symbolizes that, though all its citizens die, the nation continues. I am impressed that the symbol of our faith is the cross of Jesus, who died for men and women of all nations so that they may have life. A nation will finally say its farewell to us all, but the Saviour will not.

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