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The year was 1992 I was playing baseball at Campbell (the fighting camels). I was playing shortstop a position I had played for about 13 years. I was fielding balls keeping my bottom down and I have to admit I thought I was a pretty good fielder. Yet all my life I had struggled with my batting. It wasn’t that I could not make contact with the ball. Rather it was that I just did not have a lot of power. I was not strong enough. In my whole career as a ball player I hit 5 homeruns and 3 of them were inside the park homeruns because I had speed with my feet but not power with my arms. So one day as we were finishing up practice the coach came up to me and said “your just not good enough.” Your decent but that’s all. You better start thinking of another career. I don’t remember anything else the coach said except for the words “your not good enough” How do those words feel when they are directed to you? Are you excited saying Hey thanks I’m glad you told me that I was really worried that I was good enough. Hey thanks for the lift. I was really down today, but man now I am ready to go.

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