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My Neighbors Bible

I am my neighbor’s Bible

He reads me when we meet

Today he reads me in my home

Tomorrow on the Street

He may be a relative or friend,

Or slight acquaintence be

He may not even know my name

Yet he is reading me

And pray who is this neighbor

Who reads me day by day

to learn if I am living right,

and walking as I pray?

Oh, he is with me always

To critize or to blame;

so worldly wise in his own eyes,

and "sinner" is his Name

Dear Christian friends and brothers,

If we could only know

How faithfully the world records

Just what we say and do;

Oh, if we would write our record plain,

and come in time to see

Our worldly Neighbor won to Christ

While reading you and me:

- The Hearld of Light-

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