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Guideposts May 93 p.13) A husband and wife from Scranton, Arkansas wrote to Guideposts to share how their marriage had been saved from the destruction of divorce. Married for 4 years with 2 boys, they met at a restaurant one April night to discuss child custody and property settlements. They ended up in a fierce argument which ended in an odd silence. Then the husband looked up and quietly said something that shocked even himself: "If we want this marriage to work we will have to give it, and ourselves, to God."

Over the next few months the wounds healed. Then in a conversation with a woman he was doing plumbing for, he was asked if his wife’s name was Allyson. When he nodded, she went on to explain that a friend of theirs had asked for a special time of prayer for their family and they had prayed for two hours one night for their marriage.

"What evening was that?" asked the plumber.

She thought a moment and then answered with conviction: "It was the 1st Friday night of April" - the very night the couple was having their argument.

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