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The daughter and son-in-law of Doug Sparks were killed by a drunk driver, and their little boy was injured so badly that his brain would never function normally. A friend said to Doug Sparks after the accident, “Doug, it’s going to work out for good for you and your family.”

Sparks answered with anger, “Yes, but at what price?” Sparks said that for several days he wrestled with the price. He was angry. He tried to stay in touch with God and deal with his anger.

In a time of prayer he sensed God speaking to him saying, “Doug, I know how much this is costing you. I know the price you’re paying. But I also know the price I paid.”

Sparks said that in times of tragedy we must always look to the Cross, the price God paid for a suffering and dying world. In his time of prayer Sparks knew what God wanted him to do. He needed to go the driver that caused the tragedy and forgive him.

Sparks visited the man in the hospital, an illegal immigrant who was lying flat on his back with a broken neck. Sparks shared the...

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