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There is a picture mounted on one of the original Norman pillars of our Church here at St Nicholas’ Church in New Romney, Kent, England.

You will find it on the pillar closest to the war memorial at the back of Church and it is about a game of Chess.

In the picture, Faust is engaged in a competitive game of chess against the Devil.

And at first glance, it looks like Faust is losing.

His opponent in the chess game is Satan.

The devil stands there grinning smugly.

He thinks he has the victory in hand.

He is looking at the chessboard with an evil leer and he is gloating.

If you know anything about the game of Chess , you can almost hear the devil thinking:

"Checkmate Game’s over I win"

However, a person with a keen eye - who knows the game of chess well- will see on studying the game that the match is not over at all.

As you look at the position and study it you will see that Faust has one move and one move only – that will give him the victory"

The painting has a very real meaning to us Christians because it is a parable of the good news of Easter.

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