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Be Gentle With Thy Wife (from Doris Shields)

Be gentle, for you little know

How many trials rise;

Although to thee they may seem small,

To her of giant size.

Be gentle, though perchance that lip

May speak a murmuring tone,

The heart may beat with kindness yet,

And joy to be thine own.

Be gentle; weary hours of pain

‘Tis woman’s lot to bear;

Then yield her that support thou canst,

And all her sorrows share.

Be gentle, for the noblest hearts

At times may have some grief;

And even in a pettish word

May seek to find relief.

Be gentle, for unkindness now

May rouse an angry storm

That all the after years of life

In vain may strive to calm.

Be gentle – perfect there are none;

Thou’rt dear far than life;

Then, husband, bear and still forbear.

Be gentle to thy wife.

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