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Helen Keller, the much beloved blind, deaf, and dumb American author, envisioned what she would most like to see if she could see for just three days. In her article “Three Days to See,” she wrote that she would like to see those she loved on the first day - to look deeply and lovingly into the faces of people whose kindness, gentleness and companionship have made her life worth living, including her teacher, Ann Sullivan, all her dear friends, and even her loyal dogs. At the end of the day, she would take a long walk in the woods to enjoy the countryside, and at night watch the lights burn in darkness at home.

The next day, she would walk through museums to view past and present history, then visit art museums to study artistic expression and examine great carvings, sculptures and paintings, and cap it by attending a theatre, a movie, a dance, or a play at night.

And on the last day Keller would head for the city to gaze at its bridges, towers, and people and then stand at a busy corner, merely to look at people to understand something of their lives, their smiles, joy, determination, and even suffering. At the end of the last day she would go window shopping, walk the streets, and visit all the possible neighborhoods she could.

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