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Mary Had The Little Lamb

Mary had the little Lamb, who lived before His birth;

Self-existent Son of God, from Heaven He came to Earth.

Mary had the little Lamb; see Him in yonder stall --

Virgin-born Son of God, to save man from the Fall.

Mary had the little Lamb, obedient Son of God;

Everywhere the Father led, His feet were sure to trod.

Mary had the little Lamb, crucified on the tree

The rejected Son of God, He died to set men free.

Mary had the little Lamb -- men placed Him in the grave,

Thinking they were done with Him; to death He was no slave!

Mary had the little Lamb, ascended now is He;

All work on Earth is ended, our Advocate to be.

Mary had the little Lame -- mystery to behold!

From the Lamb of...

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