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The boy scout was really excited about going on the annual winter camperee. With a couple feet of snow on the ground, the setting was perfect for a great weekend.

His was one of the first troops to hike in and set up camp. The boy scout, along with his troop, forged into the wilderness. Upon arrival, they set up camp and prepared for their weekend adventure.

After pitching his tent, the boy scout realized that he had left something in the bus. So, he proceeded to take the long walk back to the bus which was a few miles away. Feeling confident in his "retriever skills," he did not take care to look for the important landmarks which would show him the way back to camp.

Coming back from the bus proved to be an unplanned adventure. The confusion from other scouts setting up their own camps caused him to question which paths to take. After awhile, every path looked the same. To say that he was getting worried would be an obvious observation. "How could I have missed it? If only I could find something (or someone) familiar."

The backslider is a lot like this confused boyscout. They forget to set familiar landmarks in place to keep themselves on track. What are those landmarks? Regular...

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